Meet Robert

I'm a very passionate, self-taught, New York-based amateur photographer, residing in Westchester County. I graduated from the School of Art & Design at SUNY Purchase, with a major in Graphic Design. During the day, I work in a Marketing Department as Digital Creative Director and Website Designer/Developer.

I've always had a love for all things creative. My father gave me and taught me how to use my first film camera. I'd taken a photography class in high school, learning about film and darkroom development. I do somewhat regret not taking classes in college though. I continued to dabble in shooting and eventually got my first DSLR. However, with the birth of my first child, that's when things started to click, and I got more serious about wanting to push my knowledge and creativity behind the lens.

I'm primarily a landscape photographer, and so much of my inspiration comes from the beautiful Westchester Hudson River Valley surroundings that I've lived all my life. For the most part, I'm always shooting around Westchester County, and in the NY Tri-State area. Day to day life can be so hectic at times, and we tend to take things for granted. When I'm shooting in an environment, I often take a step back, take a breath, and it hits me again just how beautiful an area we live in. Especially when seeing it from a different perspective, like flying high above with my drone.

I love to learn, experiment, and try new things. Whether shooting landscapes, aerial, astro, sports, portraits, light painting, macro, or toy photography – I always try to push myself not only from a technical but also from a creative perspective. Recently, I've started experimenting much more with light painting photography. There's just something about it that I'm drawn to. The whole creative and technical process of it throws me back to my earlier days of drawing and painting. However, it allows me to now paint elements in a 3-dimensional space to interact within a scene, which opens up a whole new level of creativity.

Whether my DSLR or iPhone, I try to have a camera on me at all times – you never know when inspiration will hit, or that perfect moment happens you'll want to freeze for all time.

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